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What if I don't have time for therapy with a new baby?

Time is precious, especially now. For the first few months ( at least the first 3-4) you can bring baby with you to session. Sessions are currently all virtual, and this option will continue to be available for all new parents to help with ease of scheduling.  

Why do you ask patients seeking support with ED recovery to see a registered dietitian?

Because recovery involves relearning how to fuel your body. Our work together will involve managing the emotional aspects of recovery. A registered dietitian can provide you with specific dietary advice tailored to your needs. In my experience I have found working in collaboration with a dietitian helps patients work towards a more complete recovery.

What if I need to change and/or feed baby?

You can do it during the session! Attend to baby as needed, we can pause while you do so. If you need privacy for nursing you can change your camera angle or turn camera off during this time. The goal is to make therapy accessible to you while you are adjusting to life as a new parent.

Can I really be vegan or vegetarian? Tell me more.

Yes. I have been vegan for 11 years so I understand how Veganism and Vegetarianism can be an important part of your personal ethics. That being said I will challenge you to consider if being vegan or vegetarian is used as a mask for your ED. We will explore why this lifestyle is important to you and how you can make it work with recovery. Because living this lifestyle does entail eliminating certain foods it is important that during early stages of recover you work with an RD to be sure you nutritional needs are being adequately met. as well.

What happens when I go into labor/have the baby?

We will plan for this during our meetings. We will pick a time that feels right for you to end sessions prior to birth and then can discuss resuming sessions as needed once you've settled in a bit. All existing patients who want to resume sessions within 8 weeks of birth will be accommodated with an appointment as long as we can find a time that works for us both, even if I am not currently accepting new patients.

Will you support me leaving Veganism or vegetarianism behind without judgement?

Absolutely. It is important that you live a lifestyle that is in line with your personal needs. Additionally some people may find that either temporarily or permanently being vegan or vegetarian does not work for them in recovery. If you are making the change primarily for recovery and feel upset about reintroducing animal products we will work together to find other ways for you to honor your personal value system. Theis will be an individualized process for everything so let's chat more if you think this is where you fall.

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